2.8 liter V-6, bored to " oversize,.030", TRW forged pistons

Valve train-all new parts, Reed cam & hyd. lifters,
lg. dia, tubular pushrods, Magnum roller rockers,
new springs, ret.,valves.

Engine Specs:
Balanced & Bueprinted
Hi-Volume Oil Pump
Cyl. Head Studs

Exhaust manifolds ported & cermet coated
Crankshaft Meta-laxed & ion-nitrided for durability
Oil pan modified with crank scraper and dual oil drains
Getrag 5sp trans, Centerforce dual-friction clutch
ADS strip-chip, 160 dg thermo
Underdrive crank pulley

Battery moved to front compartment in boat battery box,
2ga cable to starter, Koni struts in rear, KYB shox in frt

I bought this car in '95 from the original owner and have been working
on it ever since. I planned to install a V-8 but decided against it
after discovering that I would have to cut into the spaceframe.
While at the salvage yard looking at different engines, a fellow
told me about a twin-turbo kit he had seen for sale. The kit was made
by IFG and uses the same turbos as 2.2 Chrysler four, Garret/Air research
water cooled without wastegates. I hope to proceed with the installation
in the near future and I am sure it will need modifying and fine tuning
to perform as well as claimed.

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Fiero A

Fiero B

Fiero C

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