"88 Fiero   GT     (Projects)    

Fiero Temp Gauge

This is a temp gauge that I bought for $20.00 to test my system.
My dash gauge was reading about 30 degrees lower than the thermostat
temp of 195 degrees and this was annoying. This gauge requires no electrical
input and is very accurate. After testing my system and finding it to be
ok, I decided to mount this gauge on the pillar. I just turn my head to the
right and look thru back window. If you do not like the looks, you
can use it to test on most any car and then just remove it.

Steering Column Tools

Repair For Loose Upper Column & Steering Wheel
Assorted GM Vehicles

Steering wheel pulled using harmonic balance puller.
Specific U Bracket used to depress spring and circlip removed.
Specific T handle wrench made to detension spring that moves wheel up & down.
Specific Puller made to remove pivot pins & this was troublesome.

After disassembly, 4 screws were loc tited & tightened around joint.
These were loose and caused the problem. Everything was reassembled
and now solid as a rock!


Tools and Detailed Diagrams Available. Price $47.99
Price does NOT include shipping

Sub Woofer

Driver Mounted On Box Using Altered Bracket

Modified Subwoofer

New Driver & Gasket

Old & New Drivers



Battery In Front Compartment

My battery has been moved to the front compartment
and inside a plastic boat box. The positive cable is
2 gauge all the way from the starter with an inline fuse.


Instructions, Bracket, Battery Box. Fuse and Cable Available for $90.00
Price does NOT include shipping

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