The Italian Laverda  

Currently, I am in the process of getting my Laverda ready for viewing,
in the meantime, I hope that you enjoy looking at the below pictures of
The LAVERDA 750 SF & GT.

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ENGINE: two-cylinder four-stroke engine

TIMING SYSTEM: overhead camshaft operated by a double chain Bore and stroke 80 x 74 x 2 mm = 743.922 cc - Compression ratio: 8.9 = 1 (GT) Compression ratio: 9.65 = 1

 (SF) Horse power output: 52 HP at 6.900 r.p.m. (GT)

Horse power output: 60 HP at 6.600 r.p.m.

(SF) ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: Bosch, at 12 volts Dynamo: 150 W - Battery: 24 Ah - Starter

LUBRICATION: Force Feed lubrication with gear pump Oil sump capacity - 3 litres

FUEL TANK CAPACITY: 18 litres including 3 litres for fuel reserve

CARBURETTORS: two VHB 30 Dell'Orto CLUTCH: Multiple-disk clutch in oil bath on the left section

CHANGE-SPEED GEAR: 5 gears operated by a single lever on the R.H. side
FRAME: Tubular frame, the engine integrating the unit being in the front section
SUSPENSIONS: Manufactured by Ceriani

WHEELS: With detachable spindles - light alloy rims (VM 3/2.15 x 18) Front tyre 3.50 x 18, Supersport type Rear tyre 4.00 x 18, Supersport type

BRAKES: Laverda patent, with centrifugal flow cooling system Light alloy central drum (230 x 30) by double expanding shoe

PERFORMANCE: Maximum speed: over 180 k.p.h. (GT) PERFORMANCE: Maximum speed: over 190 k.p.h. (SF) Maximum gradient: 40% Fuel consumption (C.U.N.A> regulations) 5.8 litres/100 kms


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