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My TURBO has many subtle changes from the stock machine.
It nowresembles the Suzuki Turbo somewhat & has a more sporty
appearance. I removed the useless right side muffler and
fitted a small turndown, also fabbed a new tip for the
remaining mufler. My bike has an adj. boost control which
is set for 13-14 psi, a very near to pop-off valve setting,
also has a boost gauge & fuel pressure gauge. I fitted a fuel
pump from Holley projection system which is actually smaller
than stock pump and works well after some replumbing of hoses.
A spare turbo came with the bike when I bought it & have rebuilt
these little windmills along the way. Recently replaced the
original tires with Bridgestone Spitfires that I mailordered
at a very good price.

Below are some pictures of the Turbo
be sure to click through to see a clearer larger version!

Newest addition (01/20/01)fuel pressure gauge, 30 psi

  *** Important Bulletin from the Factory Microfiche ***

Turbo A

Turbo B

Turbo C

Turbo D

Turbo E

Turbo F

Turbo G

Turbo H




Available for sale is a printed copy of the XJ650LJ parts manual, this was
printed from the factory microfiche on this bike. It is app. 95 pages & has
technical bulletins regarding the turbo system and also maintenance stds. on
the Mitsubishi turbo, a great reference book for owners of these cult bikes.

Price $23.98

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