Chevy   '56


My truck is a '56 Chevy half ton with long bed,
235 cu. inches 6 cyl. engine & 3 speed transmission.

My Dad bought this truck new and I learned to drive
in it. I have been driving this truck off & on for
forty (40) years and drive it to my workplace once or
twice a week at present. It is showing 84,000 miles
on the speedometer, however it was not functioning for
for a period of time, so it is probably a little bit
short. It is very much in the original condition and
has only been painted once, this was about 25 years ago.
My dad replaced the wood in the bed at least 30 years
ago and it is due to be done again.

Below are some pictures of The Chevy,
be sure to click through to see a clearer larger version!

Chevy A

Chevy B

Chevy C

Chevy D


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